domingo, 20 de mayo de 2018

EXT4 virtual disk optimization (2nd edition)


Following the previous post, if you want to create a brand-new ext4 filesystem with most of the performance settings activated, you can do it this way:

# mkfs
mkfs.ext4 -T news -m 1 -I 128 -v -O "^has_journal,^dir_index,^dir_nlink,^huge_file,^metadata_csum,^quota" /dev/sda1
# tune2fs
tune2fs -o "journal_data_writeback,^user_xattr,^acl,nobarrier,discard" /dev/sda1
And then, in the /etc/fstab file you can use the following mount-point parameters:
# /etc/fstab

No implicit nor explicit warranty of any kind is stated here. These commands and/or settings may cause data loss. Use them wisely at your own risk!

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