jueves, 28 de febrero de 2013

iPhone Jailbreak + Cydia with Evasi0n: The easy/direct way

After Apple lost most of it's credit and "coolness" caused mainly by the rain of patches for it's iOS 6, I decided to stop (at 6.0.1) and jailbreak-free from this madness.

I consider myself a newcomer to the iPhone world, so I expected waste time (and gallons of sweat) to jailbreak an iPhone 4 but after I tried (and claimed the refund from) iphonejailbreakunlock.org I was lucky to find a post at iphoneros.com (spanish) site[2], telling that the Evad3rs Team were able to jailbreak iOS up to 6.1.2!

No redsnow, no .IPSW files, I just downloaded the (tiny) package from the main site[3], ran it and voila! Everything worked like a charm. :)

More information:
  1. http://www.macworld.com/article/2010812/bugs-and-fixes-troubleshooting-ios-6.html
  2. http://iphoneros.com/30416/evasi0n-1-4-para-ios-6-1-2-ya-disponible
  3. http://evasi0n.com/